Let’s talk about me…

I’m Diane Pontious, a retired Law Enforcement Officer who turned my lifetime passion into a thriving Photography Business a little over 12 years ago. Today, I am a full time Professional Photographer with all the credentials, skill set, equipment, training and memberships that one needs to make yourself legitimate in this profession… (Yawn) With that said? None of this defines who I am as a person or explains why I would be a potential fit for your project, portrait session, event or wedding.

Defining who I am as a person first and photographer second is the most crucial asset I have in my ability to meet and exceed your vision and expectation. Your shoot is an investment, whether it is a once in a lifetime wedding or event, an architectural structure or space that needs fine attention to detail, or portraits that capture the very essence of you, your family and your most cherished moments.

So what then makes me, a woman who loves her family & dogs, Loves biking, hiking, paddle boarding, baseball,The Beach and all things Ocean, googling everything, and coffee...Oh how I LOVE my coffee!...different… Why invest in me?

My soul matches the content of my character. I pay attention and I truly “get it”. I am engaged in your investment and genuinely confident with my ability and style. I love to learn and actively seek out new adventure and opportunities, constantly upgrading my technique and equipment. I am approachable and personable with an innate sense of leadership, yet I can easily adapt to a team atmosphere, understanding the big picture for the greater good. I have an extremely positive and authentic sense of humor that allows me the freedom to interact with anyone, and trust me. That is a freedom.  I believe that one of the greatest qualities a photographer & person can have is the ability to communicate effectively and to be at ease with themselves and with their clients. I am steady. Dependable, flexible and provide my clients with rapid turn around times that are vitally important in this industry. And lastly, my creativity is unmatched. I see things happening all around me every day, a subtle cue of emotion, the straight line of a landscape I must follow and capture.All of this translates into who I am and how I have grown as a person and a photographer. Each memory unique, making beautiful images one moment at a time.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision and needs. In the mean time my online portfolio will speak without words.



Volunteer and Charity work.